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Classic Car Market: Is it the Right Time to Buy?

If you have a passion for classic cars, you will know that driving them around can be a valuable experience all in itself. But you can only enjoy washing and waxing your prestigious car for so long before you want to take it for a spin. Can you see the cycle you might be in? Well, the issue is for most classic and supercar owners, that you're scared of not getting as much value out of the car and be able to enjoy it at the same time. You sit at the breakfast table looking outside and parked on your driveway, which is a stack of cash but a work of art as well. So, what can you do about it? Or maybe you're a newcomer, looking to buy your first classic car?


How to get a Loan On Your Prestige Car

Do you know how much money you can borrow against your supercar? Today, it’s possible for you to visit us and request for a Supercar, Classic, or Prestige Equity release. By doing this, you allow us to show you just how much money you can borrow against your car. If looking to free up funds for an investment opportunity or to make new purchases, and are short of ideas, now you know where and how to go about it!


COVID-19: Keeping Your Car Road Ready

While many people are concerned with things like flour, eggs and toilet paper, there is something else that is worth more than a fleeting thought. The car that is currently sitting gathering dust (unless you are a frontline worker).


Coronavirus Impact on the Car Industry

Financial regulators have proposed a brand-new set of payment freezes to try and help those who are struggling to make their payments on payday loans, car finance deals and even buy now and pay later schemes. This all comes down to the coronavirus pandemic. It’s time to look under the hood to see if the car industry has been hit as badly as some people claim.


How Can I Get a Loan Against my Car?

When you have bad credit, it can be difficult to borrow money when you need it, but there are many situations where you might need a short or long-term loan. At, we allow you to borrow against your vehicle’s equity, so there are no credit checks and no guarantor required. All you have to do is speak to one of our advisors for a quick service that’s free from hidden charges or fees.


Can Switching to an Electric Car Save Money?

Switching to an electric car can save you money in the long term, but until the price of an electric car comes down it's going to take a few years of ownership before you see real savings.


What Things Should You Check When Buying a Second-hand Car?

11 things to consider when buying a second-hand car

Budget, Test Drive, Research on Model, Check Cars History, Collision Damage, Pre-Purchase Inspection, Online Reviews, Assess Running Costs, Negotiating Price, Timing of Purchase, Purchase Process.


How You Can Save Money on Car Insurance

It’s illegal to drive without being properly insured, and for good reason. Regardless of whether you were the victim or the perpetrator in an accident, your insurance will cover you and that way, even if you were hit by someone who was uninsured, your vehicle and expenses will still be paid for in full, having insurance is non-negotiable, but that doesn’t mean you can't negotiate on the price.

There are plenty of ways that you can save money on your car insurance, but you’ll need to start working on a strategy and putting the steps into action today.