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31.10.2019Types of Loans

The Death of the Logbook Loan; Here Comes Vehicle Equity Release

Logbook loans have long been considered a quick and easy way to get access to money when it's most needed. However, concerns about the methods used by logbook loan companies has led to a steady decline in their use, and alternative options are rapidly seeing logbook loans become the loan option that is best avoided.

21.10.2019Money Saving Tips

How to Finance a Wedding, Our Top Tips

The dress, the ring, the cake, the venue, the food; if there’s one thing for certain, it’s that weddings don’t come cheap. When you consider the fact that the average cost of such an event is a breathtaking £30,000, you’ll find it no surprise that most engaged couples budget for years in order to be able to afford their big day.

11.10.2019Money Saving Tips

How can I get a loan with bad credit?

If you have bad credit, there are still options available when you need a loan. Borrowing against your car, also known as a vehicle equity release, allows you to take out a loan without a credit check, which means your credit rating is unaffected.

20.09.2019Money Saving Tips

Household Bills: How Shopping Around Can Save You Money

Have you ever wondered how you can save more money on your household bills? If so, then it’s high time you stopped wondering and started shopping around.

Jumping headfirst into the market will help you find cost-effective alternatives to the expensive commodities you currently shell out for.

12.09.2019Money Management Tips

Top 10 Biggest Assets People Purchase

Banks are now offering an exceedingly low amount of money in exchange for your savings, which means a trend is growing whereby individuals are investing their money in assets which have the potential to earn more money, or simply to increase in value. In an ever-changing world, many can seek peace of mind by knowing that they have invested in an asset that will increase their capital and help maintain their lifestyle.

02.09.2019Money Saving Tips

Can Switching to an Electric Car Save Money?

Switching to an electric car can save you money in the long term, but until the price of an electric car comes down it's going to take a few years of ownership before you see real savings.

If you already need to change your car then an electric car is a great choice to save on your monthly fuel costs and car tax as pure battery electric vehicles (BEVs) are exempt.

21.08.2019Money Saving Tips

How Will Leaving the EU Affect Your Finances?

It’s been all over the news for years now, and yet Brexit has come to be so muddled in party politics and misinformation that it can be difficult to know exactly how leaving the EU will affect your personal finances. Add to this confusion the fact that, three months off, it’s still unclear which way the pendulum will swing, there’s little wonder why more and more people are searching the internet to see how exactly Brexit might change their financial health or affect their cashflow.

20.08.2019Money Saving Tips

Is Your Pension Big Enough?

Saving for retirement is something that everyone is aware of, but many people don’t worry about it until later on in life. Having a pension ready for retirement is vital, not only for security and peace of mind for the future but for the quality of life you could receive when you do retire.

05.08.2019Money Management Tips

Ways to Pay Off Your Overdraft and Credit Cards

The problem with overdrafts and credit cards are that they are akin to a mystical illusion of debt, as it’s almost like if you can’t see them they are not real. But this couldn’t be further from the truth as if you allow these kinds of debts to rack up, you could find yourself in serious financial trouble.

15.07.2019Money Saving Tips

What things should you consider when buying a second-hand car?

11 things to consider when buying a second-hand car are Budget, Test Drive, Research on Model, Check Cars History, Collision Damage, Pre-Purchase Inspection, Online Reviews, Assess Running Costs, Negotiating Price, Timing of Purchase, Purchase Process.

One of the most popular choices when shopping for a car is to purchase a used car rather than a brand new one.

05.07.2019Money Saving Tips

The Importance of Setting Financial Goals

Like with any other worthwhile activity, when it comes to the task of building your wealth, you’re going to have to take it seriously. Your money isn’t going to grow if you have a lackadaisical attitude or take a careless approach to earning and saving.

20.06.2019Money Management Tips

Breaking the taboo of talking about money

Money can be a bit of an overwhelming subject for some people, let alone talking about it openly with friends and family. There is a reluctance to open up and speak about financial statuses and challenges, known as the ‘money talk taboo.

11.06.2019Money Saving Tips

What's the Future for Cash

Thanks to technology, there are now a plethora of different ways to pay for the things that you want and need in life. Debit cards, credit cards, contactless cards, mobile payments, and, most recently, cryptocurrencies.

26.04.2019Money Saving Tips

Money Saving Date Nights That You’ll Both Love

Over the years, your relationship will have been through many great things; you could have bought your first house together, got married, and had children, but it also might have seen many struggles, including financial. This financial strain can affect any good relationship, and as a result, you will have had to sacrifice a lot of things that make the two of you happy.

26.04.2019Money Saving Tips

How You Can Save Money on Car Insurance

It’s illegal to drive without being properly insured, and for good reason. Regardless of whether you were the victim or the perpetrator in an accident, your insurance will cover you and that way, even if you were hit by someone who was uninsured, your vehicle and expenses will still be paid for in full, having insurance is non-negotiable, but that doesn’t mean you can't negotiate on the price.